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WEB CONSULTING SERVICES - History, Mission, Personnel and Community Involvement

Our passion differentiates us from being an average business to a superior business.

Our Mission
We strive to accurately represent your business, mission and character on your site and find your target audience. more>>

PersonnelOur group is comprised of six unique and talented individuals more>>

Community InvolvementWe give to our community due to our many blessings. Not everyone is as fortunate or lucky as we've been with supportive family, friends and outstanding clients. more>>

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MANAGEMENT HAVING LITTLE CONCERN FOR THE CUSTOMER AND THE DIVIDING OF TERRITORIES - drove Suzanne out of "Corporate America" and caused her to start a new business.

It started with managers not resolving customer problems; it was if they were tone deaf. Documenting customer concerns & getting nowhere with management whose only goal was planning their next promotion. And there were other nuisances; politics, negativity & gossip that seemed to permeate corporate offices.

Then there was the regular punishment for being successful. Without fail in large corporations, if you're in sales and performing well, management slices up your territory. Poof! In a second, relationships and friends that you have cultivated are gone.

It was all so nuts.

In 2000, determined to service customers appropriately, Suzanne while working full time, took computer, design & programming classes for a year and a half and in 2001, started iconstructwebs.

SINCE 2001, WE'VE EVOLVED INTO WEB CONSULTING SERVICES which oversees iconstructwebs & Carolina Property Search, a real-estate services (MLS/IDX) provider.

The goal of the self employed is finding talent that is like them. Jason was the first addition in 2002 for solving the more complex website data base & admin areas construction. Since then Jason has completed many projects for CECA, Applewood Gallery & Novas Bakery to mention a few. Jason is definitely a great guy.

Sharon and Barbie joined in next with helping sort through various administrative duties so that Suzanne could concentrate more on design and marketing for clients.

Dan was the next addition with his software programming expertise. And last is Lisa who generates new business for us.

We are fortunate. In addition to having great clients & having the ultimate responsibility of doing the job correctly, we're a team that works together well.