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SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - $699 one time fee, plus $150 per month per URL

Experience, Proven Techniques and Monthly Reports
Bringing Traffic to Your Site and Quality Ranking on Page One of Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines With Your Key Words $699 plus $150 per month per URL.

First off, nobody can guarantee a ranking, and we only request payment after we're successful. Depending upon your category, we may not accept your project. For instance, in a hot category like Chicago real-estate, you're competing against 66,100,000 other instances on the Internet that has the same information. For us to tell you that we will put you on page one of Google would be misleading. Instead, we would strive in those situations to investigate niches that you'd be able to compete and bring traffic and sales to your web site.

Second, we focus on bring you traffic that equates to sales. Your website already has hundreds of page one rankings. Here's an example: search for "po box 33502 charlotte" and you will find (our website) is the first result. Shouldn't it be? Go through your own website and put together a list of similar obscure keywords, search for them, and you will find lots of page one rankings.

Unfortunately, many search advertising companies prey on the uneducated, promise rankings, take their money and slam them in key words that will not bring sales for you business.

Rankings alone should never be the goal as it's merely a means to an end. The end is qualified leads and sales that convert. A ranking by itself means nothing if it refers no qualified traffic.

Most people use search engines to find sites to solve something, and you should appear on the first page of results for maximum exposure. If you're not on page one of Google, Yahoo and Bing with your key words, you're losing valuable traffic and leads. We'll put you on page one and keep you there.

How can we be confident enough about our results? It's simple. We know what works. Over the years we've optimized many web sites for a top ranking, and by applying proven techniques and specialized monitoring we know we can gain your site a quality ranking and keep it there. We analyze and optimize your site to maximize traffic, track search engine style rules to ensure your compliance and re-optimize as necessary to keep you on page one.

Keyword development is an ongoing and vital necessity of any business or organization that needs to maintain a strong online presence. The primary means in which to be found or discovered on the internet is through web searches people conduct.

Keyword popularity, relevancy and use are 3 factors that lead people to the content or sites that they are seeking. For anyone wanting to be easily found online therefore the proper development of an effective keyword list that can be used within their content is an absolute must.

What Does the Future Hold? (Also referenced on our Newsletter page) Close on the heels of Search Engine Optimization, comes Social Media Optimization, the newest incarnation of SEO thanks to the tremendous popularity of social networking sites worldwide. We do not consider Social Media Optimization as a distraction from our normal SEO efforts; but this new activity as a way to boost a site's SEO prospects.

Social Media Optimization activities include back links from individual social media sites, development of a credible profile on these sites, and targeting towards real time searching. The greater impact you can cast on the social networking sites, the greater your SEO prospects will improve.

There are some webmasters who rely on off-page optimization rather than on-page optimization. But in 2011, Google, in its effort to improve websites' performance will give equal, if not more importance to on-page optimization. Most importantly, your site load time is going to be the litmus test. And Google has decided to penalize those sites that take a longer load time. Simultaneously, improper use of Meta tags in website coding will have a negative effect on major search engines in the coming year.

Smartphones are popular and people are using them more to surf the internet. This trend is going to increase in 2011 as the number of mobile Internet users has reached 90 million to date. The need for optimizing your site for mobile users will be more pressing and your site will need to be optimized for relevant mobile applications, such as Google's Mobile Search Services and mobile keyword tool in AdWords.

Google itself has stated that mobile search results takes precedence over desktop search results when it comes to mobile searching. This underscores the need to invest your time and money towards mobile SEO in the coming year.

Video on YouTube, one of the most popular media on the web today will become even more popular. Your site needs to be powered with YouTube video clippings and use the appropriate key words and your site gets a better chance to be "visible" by leading search engines like Google against that keyword.

One cannot ignore the growing popularity of YouTube which has outdone Yahoo. Putting up a relevant video on YouTube not only enhances your site's SEO prospects in Google, but boosts up the SEO prospects in YouTube itself.

One of the important trends in online search features is personalized searching added in 2010 by Google. This trend will further intensify in 2011 and Google, the global leader, has made personalized search the default option. Personalized search results are based on the user's web surfing habits and unless users opt out of this default option, the user will experience only personalized search features from Google.

A challenging problem with this is the probability of your website showing up on the search results is going to be lesser, unless your site is one of the frequently accessed sites by the user. If your site is widely popular and users access it frequently, you are likely to enjoy better search positioning on the days ahead. If that is not the situation, we build up your site's branding (by other means) and entice users to access the site from time to time.

To set up an appointment or if you have questions about search engine optimization, call Suzanne direct at 704-377-8722.

The Steps to Page One Success
1. Get listed in all major engines Even a perfect site won't get search engine traffic if it's not in their index. First, we fully index your site to 100 top search engines. Your site is also set up so that these search engines visit you once per month to ensure your latest content and optimizations are picked up right away.

2. Find the phrase to maximize traffic To ensure the maximum traffic boost, it's important that your site be optimized for the right search phrase. We research Search Engine usage statistics for sites related to yours, and determine the phrase that will maximize your traffic. After all, there's no sense being ranked number one for a phrase no one uses to find you.

3. Analyze and Optimize Your Site We analyze your site & make concrete recommendations to improve your ranking. We explain how and why your site should change to maximize traffic. Once you're happy with the plan, we'll provide the html source code and make the changes to your site.

4. Monitor your ranking monthly for one year We track your ranking monthly, and e-mail you a report detailing how you're doing in each of the major engines. We track the ever-changing rules and watch your site.

Did you know that breaking search engine style rules could get your site purged or even banned by the search engines? If you have this problem, we work with you to help you bring your site back into compliance and get you re-listed.

5. Re-optimize as Necessary for One Year In our commitment to keep you on page one for the next year, in addition to monitoring your ranking we'll re-optimize your site as necessary to keep you there at no extra charge. If your competitors optimize to jump ahead, we'll be at your side in the battle to reclaim the traffic you deserve. The monthly maintenance fee applies only to the months where we can keep or reclaim your page one position.

  • Page One Ranking for one year
  • 100% indexing by major search engines for one year
  • Preferred search engine refresh -- ensures your latest information is indexed
  • Research, analysis and optimization of one key URL in your site
  • Re-optimizations as necessary to keep page one ranking
  • Monthly ranking reports
Submit to 100 Search Engines and be Listed - $99 Per Year
With our software, we give your information once & it does the rest. Submit your site to 100 search engines.

Your web site is submitted to the leading 100 search engines and directories, reaching over 85% of Internet users. Don't be mislead by submission companies that offer 100,000+ submissions as they are simply sending your web site to small niche directories. These pages may no longer exist and in many cases were set up to collect e-mail addresses to use or sell. In the web site promotion game, quality and reach wins over quantity. Our software is constantly updating the list of search engines to make sure that your site is submitted to the best search engines, those that will drive the most qualified traffic to your web site.

  • 12 monthly re-submissions - Your site will be submitted each month for a full year. Submitting your website manually to one search engine is not enough. Submitting manually to hundreds, each month, is impossible. Our software submits your site every month, to make sure search engines will not drop your listings.
  • Monthly reporting via email - Monthly summary submission reports are sent to you by email. Once a month, immediately after your scheduled monthly submission, our software will send you detailed report that lists out all the search engines and directories that your site was submitted to, so you can keep track of the submission process.
  • Personal control panel - Using your control panel, you can manage the data of sites your submitted, change your keywords and title and generate Meta Tags for your site. Customers of the more advanced plans will have access to their keywords research, optimization instructions and ranking performance.
  • Meta Tags generator - Get access to a professional Meta Tags generator. The importance of Meta tags for your web site can't be emphasized enough, as they are the first to be checked by the search engines. The Meta Tags generator will help you to create proper Meta Tags for your website.
  • Free customer support - available thru your control panel providing excellent customer service.
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