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GRAPHIC DESIGN - for small to medium sized businesses

Graphic Design
Graphic artist with the experience, development skills, portfolio, references, flexibility and the ability to think outside of the box.

Our marketing strategy will then put your new graphics in the forefront of your business field.

Advertising Agency Support
  • Sales person gate keeper
  • Media and market analysis advice
  • Trouble shoot for overlapping markets & wasted advertising dollars
  • Photography ServicesExclusive, artistic rendered photos for small to medium business projects

    Showcase your business, employees and products with creative photos.


  • Information on legitimate media and learn what to avoid when advertising
  • PowerPoint Presentations, Data Processing, OCR Scanning
  • Live Talent for voice mail campaigns
  • AND MAKE THEIR VISIT MORE MEMORABLE - You have a logo or art, but something's not right. Maybe it looks dated, it isn't crisp or the colors are slightly off. The idea is good, but part of it doesn't do the trick or worse, it leaves your customers with a flat impression.

    You can abandon your current logo or images and start over if the existing is fatally flawed. Or we can fix your images and call it logo & graphics repair.

    We take your existing images and transform them into something more exciting and effective for your marketing and branding efforts. We clean up the logo design, leaving the original spirit and general direction of your design plan in place, make adjustments and produce finished product or logo that will improve the appearance.

    In addition, if someone else did your design, you might have lost the original files or you may have never had your logo or images in those important digital formats.

    OUR APPROACH IS SHOW CASING YOUR PRODUCT - Woodsview Art designed glass ornaments for major universities and wanted to showcase these ornaments in a shopping basket.

    Capturing the light and color detail was crucial in selling much of this product.