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Dedicated and Professional
Custom design to emphasize commercial projects and unique area to showcase completed projectsWe help you understand the processes involved in having and maintaining a successful custom website design solution. In addition to walking you through each phase of the custom web design and development we recommend promotions that work on bringing you traffic. We list the factors that you should consider when creating a professional custom site design. Web Consulting Services makes sure our clients understand the importance of all construction details.
Howard Brothers Electric LLC is licensed in North and South Carolina and has extensive experience in commercial, industrial, and institutional electrical installations.
  • Custom design to emphasize commercial projects
  • Unique area to showcase completed projects
  • Logo design
Websites Should be Easy to Navigate
Custom design to emphasize the beautiful uses of stone veneer, Stone mason registration area, Online store in process, Logo designWe think it's important to make navigation easy because many websites loose visitors due to bad navigation. While each site is custom, it is important that links always be in the same place on each page. Whether it is on the top, left, or right side does not matter, consistency is the key.
Imperial Stone, manufactures fine stone veneers and employs a skilled, enthusiastic and qualified team of designers and masons. The website features details on all the products and services offered plus a photo gallery of projects completed by Imperial Stone.


  • Custom design to emphasize the beautiful uses of stone veneer
  • Stone mason registration area
  • Online store in process
  • Logo design
First Impression is Everything
Custom design, Flight schedule update, Logo designStatistics show that we have five to ten seconds to get visitors to stay on a site. If they do not find what they're looking for within 2 to 3 clicks, they leave. Never loose focus about why visitors need your services above your competitors. Typed text is the first thing to show on a site, so try and have a 'catch phrase' on your home page that gets your visitors to continue reading and visiting the entire site.
Advantage Aviation was an executive air charter service out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The website features a design to enhance the experience of flying charter with large graphics of the plane and offers a wide range of services and information.
  • Custom design
  • Flight schedule update
  • Logo design
Limit Flashy Animations, Flashy Graphics, and other Gimmicks in Web Design
Custom made display area and contact us formFocus on promoting your products/services and not your design is what attracts customers to the site. Content is king, and honoring that will attract visitors. Most people purchase services and products from websites that are professional, simple and easy to use.

Since 1980 Kelley Dragstrem has been in the home improvement business. The business he created, Kelly Co is now focused on creating custom built wood shelves, entertainment centers, and bars. This web-site is for his previous customers to be able to find him and to showcase the sophistication of his finished wood creations.


  • Contact us form
  • Unique display for categories
Understand How Your Site Displays on Search Engines.
Custom design to connect two different web-sites with whimsical themes and provide onsite photographyIf search engines are important to your online presence, then your site needs to be built for the major search engines which are Google, Bing and Yahoo. These search engines have strict requirements and we stay up to date on the latest news and changes when providing a custom built website and keep you informed in the future when your site no longer meets that criteria. We not only strive to get your site listed in the top 20, but we will assist you with a link strategy.
Chuck Vachris owns Discount Pet Supplies and Grateful Pets and expanded his business and purchased several other pet grooming businesses in Charlotte. He needed to have the 3 separate businesses flow easily between two different web-sites and have an overall whimsical theme. The websites include a variety of features to showcase his groomer's talents, the boarding facilities and a special area for dog adoption.
  • On site photography
  • Contact us form
  • Audio of barking, meowing and chirping to load easily
Keep the Site Fresh
Custom design to showcase Artist talents and completed art works through a photo galleriesGive visitors reasons to return. Offer a newsletter or update your site often with new information or specials. We can help you determine the best way to do this for your company. Our custom web site design services also offer custom software solutions and very affordable pricing. We're here to save you time and money.
Artist, Jim Hanes is a fine arts painter working with a variety of mixed media including printmaking, airbrush, line work, pencil, graphics, watercolor, acrylics, and oil glazing. Showcasing his art creations and also incorporating his pieces and artistic style in the actual site construction was necessary for this website.


  • Custom design
  • Photo galleries
Give Customers Information
Custom design to emphasize dancing talents and sophisticationVisitors usually want more than a phone number and they want information about products and services before placing an order or call. Provide concise, descriptive information and sales will increase. Always have an FAQ, support page, and policies page. With so many untrustworthy websites, following this step will give customers security in using your services and products.
Academy of Performing Arts in Shelby NC has a long and interesting resume. The owner performed in Cats for 2 years and has done several Broadway national and international tours, as well as performing at Radio City Music Hall and the White House. For 5 years she performed at Universal Studios and worked as a choreographer and actor in TV Shows such as: Diagnosis Murder with Dick Van Dyke, Father Dowling, Reading Rainbow, and America's Funniest People.
  • Weather alert system for class closings
  • Picture area
  • Class schedule
We Make the Website an Enjoyable Experience
Custom design with photo galleries and special attention to the many media coverage on Jeannie Maddox Many of our customers like the fact that they can call us and say "Can you make my site do this?" And we will respond with "Done!." Our custom web site design team understands that time is money and your staff should not spend hours for things that can be done in minutes.
Artist Jeannie Maddox, known for her works of photorealism, especially her swimmer series, Jeannie's work has spanned thirty years with remarkable success. Her larger-than-life paintings have been acquired by collectors from Japan, Italy, Holland, Venezuela, Switzerland, and throughout the United States.
  • Custom design
  • Photo galleries
Make Sure Your Custom Website Builder Has a Strong Support Team.
Custom Flash slide show, reservation system, restaurant menus and gifts areaFinishing your site is only the beginning of having a successful website. Half of our customers come to us from other design companies because of lack of support. Obtaining a site requires knowledge from a full custom website development group that understands not only the web, but business in general. We are fully trained in all aspects of websites.
The Cajun Queen is known in the southeastern United States as a fun destination. Many time out-of-towners enquire and want reservations. The Cajun Queen Restaurant is known in the southeastern United States as a fun destination. Many time out-of-towners enquire and want reservations. The restaurant is also in one of the older homes in Charlotte and it was necessary to present the site showcasing recent major renovations and the unique menu.
  • Custom design
  • Flash slide show
  • Reservation Area
  • Menu Area
Make Sure Your Custom Website Builder Understands the ABC's of Web Design.
Newsletter sign-up, Events, Appointment scheduling, Survey, Job application form, Spam control for e-mail formA is for Architecture - making sure that your site has a solid architecture in place with the right menu items, images and content that can be easily changed and updated with new and fresh information.

B is For Back links which includes a solid article marketing strategy to ensure your high-quality and high-content articles are being distributed and picked up by high-profile article directories which the search engines love. Follow our recommendations for some of the article marketing sites which will ensure more traffic to your site.

C is For Content and it has to be really excellent content - nothing else. Make sure you're giving as much attention as possible in the content you're putting out and don't hold back or think you're giving away too much. We believe the better the free content you provide, the better potential clients you will receive.

Since 1962, Woodie Enterprises, Inc. has been an automobile repair business and has expanded to 7 repair locations, 6 gas stations and convenience stores and a Deli / Convenience Store. Woodie Enterprises serves Dilworth, Eastover, Elizabeth, Myers Park, Independence Blvd, South Charlotte and Uptown. The focus on this website was ease of finding locations and presenting an appealing site for women drivers.
  • Survey form
  • Employment form for attachments
  • Spam control for e-mail form
  • Newsletter sign-up form
  • Appointment scheduling
You Will Continue to Get Top Search Engine Rankings Without Paying a Monthly Maintenance Fee
Newsletter registration, Events, Survey Legitimate, proper SEO implementation is a site-wide venture that involves excellent content, real inbound links and great titles. It cannot be taken away or held hostage for nonpayment of recurring fees.

The companies that say you have to sign an annual contract to keep your rankings...then it's not real SEO.

Don't ever sign a contract that gives ownership of your title tags, meta tags and page content to anyone. It's your website and you are entitled to own all work performed on it.

If a SEO company has a problem with that, then find someone else.

At Web Consulting Services, we do not require you to engage in annual contracts comprised of a high monthly fees to keep you hostage as a customer. We feel that we should be able to keep you as a customer by building your site correctly and thoughtfully, allowing the search engines to find you, and keep you there by checking your position from time to time. We only charge a fee when actual work is being done on your behalf and on your files.

The Carolinas Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. is a full service trade association and provides as an association to assist and promote the collective interests of the electrical contractor. They facilitate and coordinate the activities that enhance the electrical industry and work with all governmental bodies, agencies, boards, owners, suppliers, and other construction associations in representing the interest of the electrical contractor. CECA provides education, training and communications which increase the technical skills of electrical contractors.
  • Convention Survey form
  • Convention Registration
  • Golf Registration
  • Newsletter Registration Form
  • Events Page
  • Donation Form
  • Scrolling News Ticker
  • Private Member Area
  • Photos Pages