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Wearing an Additional "Hat" to Understand Complex Advertising is Taking Up Too Much of Your Valuable Time
And are you buying advertising products that are not a productive solution for your industry nor your business?

We have an extensive advertising sales and marketing background and know the negatives of the various advertising products that mangers train their sales staff to avoid telling you. We also know which types of advertising products, due their costs are best suited for different industries.

You don't have money to throw away nor time to waste and we can help with that problem. We will be the Gate Keeper to circumvent the pesky sales person and also council and provide you true statistics on the different products that will perform for you.

Our objective is to make you money by allowing you to do what you do best and also prevent you form making very expensive mistakes on your advertising.

If you have questions about our advertising support services, call Suzanne direct at 704-377-8722.

We Help You Manage Your Online Reputation
Everyone has a reputation to protect. With the advent of the Internet, the challenge of maintaining a top-notch reputation has increased-but is by no means an impossible task.

Online reputation is important. According to a survey by the Opinion Research Corporation, 84 percent of Americans say online reviews influence their purchasing decisions.

Whether in the form of online customer reviews or emails back and forth between friends, your Internet reputation matters. Here are five steps that we do to protect it.

  • We do simple Google search for your name or business to find what's been said about you. Next, we put a Google Alert into place that automatically sends you an alert whenever something new about you appears on the web. Similar systems such as let you monitor what's being said on Twitter.
  • Have a website and keep it updated. An important element of your online reputation is your website where you have complete control over what's said.
  • Keep your online identity consistent. You can do inadvertent harm if, for example, your business says one week on your web-site you specialize in auto repair, only to be followed by a posting the following week about selling scrap part. Stories like these can skew who you are can raise questions in others' minds. Keep your company's voice uniform and regular.
  • Take the high road with criticism. No matter your level of professionalism, someone's bound to be unhappy with your services or products at some point, and will post a bad review or public comment. Do not make the mistake of responding in anger. First, investigate the issue-if the complaint is justified. There's no harm in an apology even if the snafu seems misdirected or flimsy.
  • We counter the bad with the good. Perhaps the best way to offset negative online feedback is with positive news, like if you've had a customer who's been satisfied with your business, urge them to post a comment. Get your friends behind you, and talk the truth, however, don't plant concocted or excessive testimonials because often their excess is easy to spot.
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Which Advertising Media is the Best for Your Business
PowerPoint Presentations, Data Processing, OCR/Scanning
We offer effective PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint is like any canvas and it depends upon the creator to bring out the masterpiece. We keep this same principle in making PowerPoint presentations. We take the time to understand the purpose of your slideshow and do the necessary preparation and research on your topic of choice. The depth of your knowledge of your business combined with our expertise creating PowerPoint presentations, will allow you to focus more on organizing your ideas rather than learning software and organizing at the same time. Our services can increase your productivity.

Data entry services such as online/offline data entry, data processing, data conversion, data capture and catalog processing.

In order to be processed by a computer, your data needs first be converted into a machine readable format. Once data is in digital format, various procedures can be applied on the data to get useful information.

The word data is used to mean information in large amounts in a standardized format. Data may be or contain letters, numbers, equations, dates, images, and other material.

Our services can increase your productivity & lessen the burden by outsourcing data entry & data digitization.

OCR/Scanning. Document scanning is one way to store print documents digitally. We are capable of scanning text and turning pictures of words into editable text using a scanner and OCR software.

A Great Complement to Your Advertising Agency
Perhaps your advertising agency has graphic designers, but no web developers. Our team, including graphic designers, Flash developers, HTML specialists and PHP developers - We can partner with your existing agency.

We'll work with your graphic designers. Tight deadlines? No problem! We can write the project requirements. The site goes in your portfolio, not ours!

Some of the best advertising agencies in the Southeast will turn Web Consulting Services when they need a reliable partner who produces design work at a fair price.

We currently work with several advertising agencies, public relations firms and even other web development companies. Many of our partners don't have the on-staff resources to develop a complex web site, but they have a strong relationship with a client and they have a creative vision for a site that will improve that client's business.

At Web Consulting Services, we understand that if we provide prompt, professional service and are honest with the advertising agencies that hire us, they'll keep using our services for future projects. And because we do not offer agency service for media talent, copywriting, brand development, commercials and production, we're not in competition but are a complement. We are primarily geeks composing website coding.

Because we understand how important it is to build a long-term relationship with ad agencies, we always meet our deadlines, deliver a work product that exceeds your expectations and adhere to your budget for the project.

Looking for a Good Advertising Agency?
We can recommend about five different advertising agencies in the southeastern states. They are located in Atlanta, Charlotte and Winston-Salem. Give us a call and we'll introduce you to one that suits your advertising needs the best.